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        Product center

        TZ628 high-speed industrial yarn twisting machine



        1. All parameters are fully computer-controlled, friendly man-machine interface, and simple operation

        2. Independent winding and traversing device for each spindle, with a wide range of applications

        3. Optimized spindle design, higher output and higher twisting quality

        4. Large-capacity feeding, large-capacity rolling

        5. Equipped with yarn breaking detection device

        6. Each spindle is equipped with a length counter

        7. Both sides of the machine are controlled separately, and two varieties can be produced at the same time

        Technical parameters:

        Number of spindles: 108 ingots (standard)

        Twist range: 20~200T/m

        Winding stroke: 260mm, 300mm

        Twist: S or Z

        Spindle speed: 10000r/m

        Tire range: 1000D~5000D

        Yarn speed: 150~200m/min